Our Comfort Series line showcases three types of rubber mat products to accommodate your business needs. Since different areas of your facility attract different amounts of traffic, having a few options for your mats is imperative. Superior Linen designed the Comfort Series to ensure that all areas of your facility remain as safe and presentable as possible.

  • The Comfort Flow Mat provides restaurants with an anti-fatigue feature, a slip resistant feature and a flow-thru mat feature.  They are ideal for kitchens, behind bars, walk-in freezers, food processing areas & locations where liquid flow-through is required.
  • The Scraper Mat, also a great anti-fatigue mat, is a slip resistant mat ideal for outside use. Ensure the safety of your customers and staff by placing this mat in active entrances into your building.
  • The AirFlex Anti-fatigue Mat.  This mat is equipped with raised domes which allow the mat to “flex” or compress as you step on them for maximum comfort and resilience.  It cushions the feet and provides unprecedented anti-fatigue properties.

Not only are we aware of your needs, we share the same feelings. This is why we do not offer any product that we wouldn’t use here in our own facilities!

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