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At Superior Linen Service, we have a large variety of linen supply products for restaurant businesses. Our long-lasting linen supply products are made of the best quality materials. Your customers will be impressed with the quality when they enter your establishment. The linen supply products we provide include table linen, napkins, bar towels, kitchen towels, hand towels, white and colored bibs, 4-way and bistro aprons, grill cloths, and wet mops. The luxurious napkins we offer are available in 24 different colors. Our tablecloths come in 18 different colors, as well as in various sizes. Our towels and aprons also come in different colors to complement the aesthetic of your business and to provide options to best suit your establishment.


Uniforms are an important part of any business. In the restaurant industry, it is important to provide your employees and staff with uniforms that provide them with functionality and efficiency. In order for your staff to perform at their best, they also need to be comfortable. At Superior Linen Service, we have all of the uniforms you could need for your employees. We provide you with standard chefs coats, European style chef coats, cook shirts, hospitality apparel, custom embroidered dress shirts and polo shirts, and we have a variety of cook and baggy chef pants. These items come in multiple colors to fit the décor and style of your restaurant. All of our uniforms can also be customized with embroidery, whether it be the restaurant name and logo or the employee name, or even both!

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